1973: This is one of the very first pictures of Konstantinos Kenteris: he is only 7 months old!.

1973: Konstantinos Kenteris and his family, still 7 months old

1973: Konstantinos kenteris with his brother and sister

1978: a picture of Konstantinos Kenteris early childhood. He is in the kindergarten!

1979: Konstantinos Kenteris in the primary school

1979: another photo of Konstantinos Kenteris and his family

1981: here we have Konstantinos Kenteris in the middle of his parents

1984: Konstantinos Kenteris and his class (still in the primary school)

1988: Konstantinos Kenteris, a training athlete, in the Mytilini's Stadium

1990: a photo of Konstantinos Kenteris with his first trainer, G. Konto and the athlete K. Tsiolakoudi

1992: Konstantinos Kenteris relaxing a few moments before the final of the Youth World Championship in Seoul

1992: during the final of the Youth World Championship in Seoul. Konstantinos Kenteris was 6th.

1992: with his first trainer G. Kontos and his physiotherapist D. Takas

1993: Golden medal in the Mediterranean Games. Here with Ploutarxos Saraslanidis.

1994: Konstantinos Kenteris represents Greece in an event against "drugs" in Spain

1997: Konstantinos Kenteris could even be a member of the "Z" team of greek police

2000: Christmas time with his niece

2000: the finish of his golden medal in the 200 m race of the Olympic Games in Sidney!

2000: few moments after the race. Konstantinos Kenteris is the new Olympic Games golden medallist!

2000: Konstantinos Kenteris with the President of the Greek Democracy, Mr Konstantinos Stefanopoulos, and Katerina Thanou.

2001: Konstantinos Kenteris, as a flying officer

2001: Konstantinos Kenteris during the semi-finals in the World Championship of Edmonton

2001: Edmonton, World Championship, the finish. Konstantinos Kenteris is the new World Champion.

2001: Konstantinos Kenteris and the flag of Greece. Moments after his winning race for the World Championship in Edmonton.

2001: Konstantinos Kenteris, owner of the World Championship golden medal

2002: Konstantinos Kenteris wins the golden medal in the European Championship in Munich in 19:85 seconds!!! He is a unique owner of the three golden medals: European Champion, World Champion and Olympic Games! In a row!!!!

2002: again Konstantinos Kenteris with the greek flag, celebrating his victory...

2002: Konstantinos Kenteris with the golden medal of the European Championship!

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